General accountancy in the Cloud. Let us make it simple & efficient !

IBAKUS®ACCOUNT is an online accountancy application that allows both SMEs / SMIs and accounting firms to manage a general accounting system from A to Z. The application also allows the creation of sales invoices.

For accounting firms, IBAKUS®ACCOUNT is fully synchronized with IBAKUS®KYC (your AML obligations) and IBAKUS®TIM€ (time management and billing solution for your organization).

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General accountancy in the Cloud. Let us make it simple & efficient !

  • The Permanent Files

    You will find here the basic accounting data that is part of your folder. A chart of accounts and vat codes for the jurisdiction of your file await you there !

    Start by creating your customer and suppliers files as well as your different journals to get started with your book entry.

    If you want to use IBAKUS®ACCOUNT billing capabilities, you should also consider creating your articles.

    It is still possible to create a general account, a customer, a supplier or an article during the entry process. But initially, we advise you to create from the start a maximum of files which you will need.

    We remind you the permanent files:

    • General Accounts : the chart of accounts linked to the folder. When creating the folder, it is strongly advised to accept the official chart of accounts that the system proposes to you,
    • Accounts Receivable : individual client records
    • Accounts Payable: individual suppliers records
    • Accounting journals : the accounting journals of the folder
    • Articles: articles of the folder for billing
  • Billing

    Intuitively encode your proforma invoices based on previously created articles.

    If you wish, add a discount. Print the pro forma invoice for control.

    All you have to do is turn the proforma invoices into final invoices so that you can print them in paper or pdf format.

    When the proforma version is converted into a final invoice, the accounting document is automatically added to the chosen journal. No need to manually enter your sales!

  • Movements

    This tab groups the four types of accounting movements:

    • Sales
    • Purchases
    • Financial transactions
    • Miscellaneous operations

    This is here that you enter or edit your accounting documents in previously created journals.

    An already recorded document can be modified as long as the definitive VAT return has not been made. Once the definitive VAT return has been printed and sent to the Tax Office, sales & purchases transactions are irreparably frozen.

    All operations are frozen after a period closure has been made.

  • PDF and XML editions

    The classic editions, in pdf format, generated on the basis of the entries, are available, namely:

    - accounting journals, sales, purchases, financial and miscellaneous transactions, including transactions entered and their accounting,

    - VAT ledgers showing the sales and purchases transactions entered and their VAT codes,

    - general accounts ledgers, customers and suppliers, taking the history of the accounts. These editions are also available in csv format, thus ensuring data portability (GDPR constraint)

    - balances of general accounts, customers and suppliers, including ageing balances,

    - management editions, operating account and turnover per customer,

    - periodic VAT returns and intra-Community lists, including the xml format for Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (eCDF),

    - the annual accounts, including the xml format for eCDF in Luxembourg.

  • Tasks

    The application can automatically generate tasks related to each accounting folder.

    A task is an operation that has absolutely to be done at a given time. Example: a VAT return, a salary calculation, etc ...

    Among the tasks offered in the Settings / Task Settings menu, you can select which tasks the application should automatically generate for you, which colleague it will be assigned to and when.

    Each user will always have in front of him all the tasks to be performed and when. Each task can record a history of the completed work, be passed from one colleague to another or be given a new deadline.

    No more excuses to forget anything.

Our prices are quite competitive!

Once the test period is over and you have registered for the application, you are in a paid version.

You can create as many folders and invite as many people as you want.

At the end of each month, IBAKUS®ACCOUNT will count the number of created files and establish, on the first day of the following month, an invoice based on the rates below. The invoice is sent to the email address defined in the Application Settings.

It is therefore a billing a posteriori, based on the situation at the end of the month.

Qty of files Monthly price (VAT excl.)
%threshold% %price%

A first class security

The security of your data is our priority. IBAKUS® complies with the most stringent Luxembourg standards. Your data is hosted on a PSF certified server in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

A PSF host server is an entity controlled by the CSSF, the Financial Services Authority.

Access to the server is protected by two firewalls of different technology, and the data is automatically replicated to a second hosting site, which guarantees the restart of the application within 4 hours in the event of a major crash.

In addition to all this, you can opt for encryption of your data, by introducing your own encryption key in KYC Settings.

A first class security

  • The approach of IBAKUS®ACCOUNT

    Our wish is that IBAKUS®ACCOUNT allows you to keep your books online.

    Our goal is to be simple but comprehensive & efficient.

    We are committed to always maintaining basic accounting according to the accounting and tax standards of your country, at a very competitive price. It is for this reason that we rely on the technique of Cloud Computing, flexible, very effective and inexpensive.

  • What is Cloud Computing and How Does IBAKUS® benefits of it ?

    It is very simple. Instead of storing programs and your data locally on your computer or on a server on your premises, Cloud Computing stores this information "in the cloud" ... or rather in a huge machine managed by a specialized company, called a Host or an Internet Server.

    The Hoster's computer is an extremely powerful, sophisticated and highly secure machine. It is managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by teams of specialists. In most cases, there are actually 2 or more machines in full synchronization; one that can instantly or after a short time, take over from the other who has a technical failure. Without Users realizing it.

    Backups of our programs and your data are done by the Host.

    An SME / SMI could never afford such a machine in view of the costs of acquisition and maintenance. This is good, we do not need it at all, but we are taking a very small part of it, but we still enjoy all the benefits of the big bike and the organization that goes around.

    Communication between your PC and the Host computer is via the Internet, through secure procedures (https).

    We have chosen to work with a Luxembourg PSF Host, ie approved to provide for Professions of the Financial Sector (such as banks, for example); this Host, which is supervised by the CSSF (Financial Sector Supervisory Commission), is required to comply with particularly stringent quality standards.

    Our programs and files are all in one place, which greatly simplifies our interventions for maintaining the application.

    Another advantage (not negligible for the user), as far as the hardware is concerned, you grow up without problem and without serious investment. Whenever you need a new workstation, a simple PC plugged into the Internet is enough.

  • A support at your service ...

    How do you reach us ?

    Our team is available to answer your questions about the application.

    The Helpdesk can be reached via a form located in the "Contact us" page of the HELP menu of the application. We make it a point of honor to answer you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours ... for complicated cases, your understanding is welcome.

    You can also reach us by telephone, during working hours, at the free numbers indicated in the HELP menu.

    When you are in the program, a Chat windows allows you to interact with a member of the team.

    Do not forget the quick start manual, the complete manual and the addendum found in the HELP menu. Just like the Frequently Asked Questions and the procedures "Guide me".

    The cost of the assistance is included in our prices.

    Assistance covers issues related to the operation or handling of the program. For accounting or tax issues, we have connections that can help you.

  • IBAKUS®ACCOUNT offers you a very extensive test period !

    To allow you to test and get acquainted with IBAKUS®ACCOUNT at your leisure, we offer you 6 months free of charge on your first accounting file.

    6 months during which a user will have access to all the features of the Application. Assistance included.

    Beyond this test period or the first file or the first user, the monthly prices listed under TARIFF are applicable.

    It goes without saying that, if you wish, the accounting data encoded during the test period is kept when you become a paying user.

Perfectly suited for the professions of Law and Finance

Professions of Law: Lawyers, Notaries, Legal Consultants, ...

Professions of Finance : Chartered Accountants, Accountants, Auditors, Family Offices, Wealth Managers, Consultants, ...

IBAKUS®KYC allows you to be in full compliance with the 4th European Directive against money laundering and terrorist financing

IBAKUS®COMPTA gives your customers direct access to their accounting and makes you more efficient.

IBAKUS®TIME is a billing tool for your services, which allows you to follow your client's needs as well as numerous statistics.