IBAKUS®ACCOUNT - Your accountancy in the Cloud. Simplicity & efficiency first !


The accounting application IBAKUS is declined in two versions:

  • IBAKUS®ACCOUNT is an application for on-line general accounting. The objective is to help SMEs/SMIs Directors to manage their accountancy at the best cost,
  • IBAKUS®ACCOUNT+ combines the accountancy application and the KYC application. It is intended for the PROFESSIONALS IN THE FIELD OF ACCOUNTANCY who can benefit from a perfect integration of the KYC procedures within the accounting application.
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IBAKUS®KYC - Your virtual Compliance Officer to manage easily your AML/CFT procedures


IBAKUS®KYC is a cloud application that allows you to manage all the information related to a Natural or a Legal Person :

  • recording and monitoring of information related to this Natural Person (Beneficial owner) or Legal Person (your Client),
  • follow-up of all deadlines (renewal of identity documents, follow-up of reviews, ...)
  • punctual or regular automated search in the Dow Jones Risk & Compliance list . The most advanced international PEP or sanctions lists with 2,000,000 references, for both Natural and Legal Persons

This application allows you to meet all needs related to KYC procedures (KYC > Know Your Customer)

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Multi OS and no installation

ibakus ne s'installe pas, on s'y connecte.

You don't install an IBAKUS® application, you simply connect to it. It is  an advantage of our online service. You are not bound to a  specific operating system or to a machine. Very simply, our application is immediately available after your registration, in a Windows, Mac or Linux environment.

Budget friendly

It is the IBAKUS® philosophy : to propose you highly efficient applications for the best possible price.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion or to propose new alternatives !