Cloud applications completely synchronized with each other, intended for legal or financial service providers in line with the times.

Interested in the questions regarding the 4th European Directive and all questions regarding the Anti-Money Laundering/Terrorism Financing measures (AML/TF) ?   Have a look at our blog !
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Your accountancy in the Cloud. Simplicity & efficiency first !

The accounting application IBAKUS is declined in two versions:

  • IBAKUS®ACCOUNT is an application for on-line general accounting. The objective is to help SMEs/SMIs Directors to manage their accountancy at the best cost,
  • IBAKUS®ACCOUNT+ combines the accountancy application and the KYC application. It is intended for the PROFESSIONALS IN THE FIELD OF ACCOUNTANCY who can benefit from a perfect integration of the KYC procedures within the accounting application.
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Your virtual Compliance Officer to manage easily your AML/CFT procedures

IBAKUS®KYC is a cloud application that allows you to manage all the information related to a Natural or a Legal Person :

  • recording and monitoring of information related to this Natural Person (Beneficial owner) or Legal Person (your Client),
  • follow-up of all deadlines (renewal of identity documents, follow-up of reviews, ...)
  • punctual or regular automated search in the Dow Jones Risk & Compliance list . The most advanced international PEP or sanctions lists with 2,000,000 references, for both Natural and Legal Persons

This application allows you to meet all needs related to KYC procedures (KYC > Know Your Customer)

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Your automatic (and free) calendar synched with all IBAKUS apps

In sync with IBAKUS®COMPTA and IBAKUS®KYC, this application creates and manages a number of automated tasks to be performed by the team members. Transmit a VAT return to the Administration prepare a balance sheet, calculate salaries, request a new piece of identies when the old one expired ...

Users can also create point manual tasks that are inserted into other tasks.

Tasks can be annotated, assigned to other team members or returned to a new date.

IBAKUS®TASKS manages the list of jobs to do, calculates due dates, change the color of tasks to get your attention ... and so becomes your professional agenda, to be sure not to forget anything.

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Time tracking and invoicing now become easy!

You are a service provider and you charge your benefits governed, at a flat rate, or based on a budget. IBAKUS®TIM € is the ideal tool to make your life easier.

Initially a single customer file, shared with other IBAKUS apps, IBAKUS®TIM€ allows you easy entry of the services provided and their treatment according to what has been agreed with the Client.

The issue of invoices, as well as their electronic transmission becomes very simple.

Statistics on time provided by person or customer follow in stride.

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Multi OS and no installation

ibakus ne s'installe pas, on s'y connecte.

You don't install an IBAKUS® application, you simply connect to it. It is  an advantage of our online service. You are not bound to a  specific operating system or to a machine. Very simply, our application is immediately available after your registration, in a Windows, Mac or Linux environment.

Budget friendly

It is the IBAKUS® philosophy : to propose you highly efficient applications for the best possible price.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion or to propose new alternatives !